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Episode RM007 released! – Towel on your head? –

18 6月
RM007 is now released!
Why you are hard to find? carifolnia oranges too.
Towel on your head when you are doing something.


Trip to Kyushu Island (Hotspring and so on…)

16 1月
Special Udon at Hot spring
at Yanagawa, Kyushu Island, Japan
Steamed Pudding by steam of hotspring
Myoban Hotspring, Beppu, Kyusu Island, Japan
Myoban Hotspring, Beppu, Kyushu Island, Japan
Sinter of Sulphur


I had a trip to Kyushu Island in the begging of this year. Our purpose was to take some kinds of hot spring in Beppu area and also visit some historical special places.

Of course, eating special meal at these special points where you visit is also necessary.

There are some pictures of foods and materials in Beppu hot spring. A picture on the top of right set is a special udon at hot spring. For some more information, you can click these pictures. A picture in center of the right set is the special Bowl of eel and rice. What is special? It comes from the way to make it. It was steamed by Seiro (a basket used for steaming food). And a final picture of the right set is yes, you know, it is pudding. But this is also special. It is also steamed. But this time, it is steamed by steam of hot spring! Can you imagine?

A top picture on your left is a private (family) cottage at Myoban onsen, Yu-no-sato. You can enjoy hot walter from its resource directory with your friends or family.
The second picture of the left set is another type of cottage for making sinter of sulphur so-called "Yu-no-hana" in Japanese. This means flowers of hot spring. And what do you think the final picture on your left is? This is the origin of sinter of the sulphur. Hot gas comes from the hole and it makes such a wonderful shape.

If you really want to enjoy real onsen (hot spring) in Japan, I strongly recommend you to visit Bepppu in Kyushu Island. Because Beppu is such a nice hot spring that you can enjoy many different types of hot spring at once.