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Is Windows 7 on your PC yet?

10 11月

For me, not yet.

I got some packages of Windows 7 for my PCs. But they are still not be upgraded. I didn’t use Windows Vista. I’m using Windows XP. This means you have to format disk and install Windows 7 on your PC. If you are using Windows Vista, you can overwrite Windows 7 on your Vista. It means you can keep your own settings and compatible applications. However, mine is XP. Therefore, I have to format and delete my properties.

This is a bit hard work. So, I hesitate to install it. And I have one more problem.
My PC is iMac and MacBookPro released in 2006. They have Intel based CPU and chipset on it. But Apple computer will not support 2006 model of them. It means that they do not release any drivers for them.

That’s big problem for me.

I’m considering of that resolution.

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Cirque du Soleil a permanent public performance in Japan

01 11月

 I'm so exiceted to wait to see the Cirque du Soleil performance tonight, here in Japan.

Fortunately, my place is very close place to Tokyo Disney Resort. Therefore, I can get to its theather in 30 mins.

I went to see the performance. It was awsome!
It is a wonderful show I've never seen before. You can see ZED in Tokyo. It is a bit expensive. However, you should go there if you have opportunity.

I thought I want to write down my deep impression detail here. But it will be better not to do it for the people who are not go there yet.


amazonKindle is now really available in Japan!

31 10月

It's been long long time to visit and type out on the vox. It has been very busy days after baby comes around for 2 yeas. 🙂 The baby growth as a toddler now. She speaks lots of words and even sentences nowadays…!

By the way, I excited to announce you that I've got a amazonKindle generation 2 international version from I've orderd there online and what a surprise it arrived for only few days at our place (Japan) !

amazonKindle is a populer e-book device in the U.S which has a 3G mobile connection tool for download all materials you purchased. Now, it is spreaded to 200 of countries in the world. Japan is one of them. Therefore, I tried to get this one. It will be good to keep me to continue to study English, anyway.

You can buy e-book via 3G mobile network from You can subscribe not only books but daily newspapers, magazines cheeper than paper book. If you subscribe a newspaper, such as NewYorkTimes, monthly, it will be automatically delivered to your Kindle device everyday. Oh, 3G connection is free for download. That's awsome !

In addition to it, you can read such kind of world-wide-famous newspapers, magazines out side of the U.S. I've tried to buy some of newspapers as "current issue". It's wonderfule to read on real time.(Maybe faster than paper one, actually)

amazonKindle also has a awsome text-to-speach function. You can listen the sound of text with mail or femail voices. It is really enhanced computer voice. But my wife told me "That's computer voice, anyway. You should not practice your pronounciation." :)  However, I really impressed by these voices none the worse for accenting wrong sometimes. 

It will be good function for English learners just like me.

amazonKindle uses special ink for display characters and pictures. This is also watchable technology.

Thank you for reading my poor typing.
Keep in touch with all of you on the vox.

best regards


Episode RM007 released! – Towel on your head? –

18 6月
RM007 is now released!
Why you are hard to find? carifolnia oranges too.
Towel on your head when you are doing something.


One-Day Trip to Kusatsu Onsen

11 2月

"Yu-batake" cool down its hot walter
Yu-batake (湯畑)
Kusatsu free hot spring "Shirahata-no-yu"
Onsen-tamago (Soft boiled eggs with special source)
Onsen Tamagoes are here
Grilled beef tongue and chicken with green onion
Favorite Yogult (Drink type)

Hi folks,

I've been to Kusatsu onsen place in the beginning of this year. It was just a one-day trip from the Tokyo area. It sounds a bit hard but it was ok. I drove my car to Kusatsu. Unfortunately, we were involved in a bad jam on the way. There were four accidents on several parts of the highway. It was a really bad jam. It took us more than 6 hours to reach Kusatsu. (usually, it takes 3 to 4 hours). We dropped by and took a rest in each parking area while we were involved in the big traffic jam. After all, it was already afternoon when we arrived in the Kusatsu onsen area. I found a parking space near the entrance of Kusatsu onsen, called "Yu-batake". Yu-batake means "field of hot water"; this is actually the origin of a hotspring. You can see plenty of hot water coming out from underground. It has a lot of sulphur. This is a special feature of the Kusatsu hot spring. As I mentioned before on the Beppu Hotspring issue, it is like the Myoban onsen. This is a very common and famous place to enjoy a sulphur-based hot spring. You can enjoy it at some places for free! Today,


Trip to Kyushu Island (Hotspring and so on…)

16 1月
Special Udon at Hot spring
at Yanagawa, Kyushu Island, Japan
Steamed Pudding by steam of hotspring
Myoban Hotspring, Beppu, Kyusu Island, Japan
Myoban Hotspring, Beppu, Kyushu Island, Japan
Sinter of Sulphur


I had a trip to Kyushu Island in the begging of this year. Our purpose was to take some kinds of hot spring in Beppu area and also visit some historical special places.

Of course, eating special meal at these special points where you visit is also necessary.

There are some pictures of foods and materials in Beppu hot spring. A picture on the top of right set is a special udon at hot spring. For some more information, you can click these pictures. A picture in center of the right set is the special Bowl of eel and rice. What is special? It comes from the way to make it. It was steamed by Seiro (a basket used for steaming food). And a final picture of the right set is yes, you know, it is pudding. But this is also special. It is also steamed. But this time, it is steamed by steam of hot spring! Can you imagine?

A top picture on your left is a private (family) cottage at Myoban onsen, Yu-no-sato. You can enjoy hot walter from its resource directory with your friends or family.
The second picture of the left set is another type of cottage for making sinter of sulphur so-called "Yu-no-hana" in Japanese. This means flowers of hot spring. And what do you think the final picture on your left is? This is the origin of sinter of the sulphur. Hot gas comes from the hole and it makes such a wonderful shape.

If you really want to enjoy real onsen (hot spring) in Japan, I strongly recommend you to visit Bepppu in Kyushu Island. Because Beppu is such a nice hot spring that you can enjoy many different types of hot spring at once.


First participation

27 11月

I could have one to one session with my tutor two weeks ago. Tonight, I'll finally try to join conversation program. I'll start with beginner class. I considered of what level should I take for my first time joining the program. I suppose I should see how it goes at this time. It is scheduled to take 60 minutes. It starts from 23:00 Japan time. It seems a bit late. But it will be suitable schedule for me if I take a conversation program on weekdays.
It also seems long time. However, time fries so fast when you concentrate on chatting, anyway. I'm very looking forward it.

By the way, when I was a student of the short exchange program at University, I often saw that some students always gather as a Japanese group. I sometimes thought it will not be recommended situation for language learners. Because you will always use your native language with your friends in such a situation. I thought I have no idea what is their purpose at that moment. Therefore, I always tried to be involved in English community alone. Of course, it would have time limit while my short exchange program. Therefore, I tried it as much as possible. Sometimes, this kind of action makes them misunderstanding. But I am still thinking it was not wrong. I could touch & feel something new  in different community and it would make me more active and socially mature. The most important thing is what is your purpose and think of what are things all you have to do at the moment. If you could keep doing it, somebody comrade will appears in front of you. Don't forget your mind!

It also seems that all participants of the conversation program at this time are Japanese. However, we have certain purpose and need to use English for conversation. Therefore, it is a quite expected and different circumstance from such a national community. It will also good to meet other Japanese English learners as a comrade.
I want to say thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to share many things for all tutors and friends.

Woops, I gotta go now!

Have a good day.


Thinking of the way time use

26 11月

When I think of making enough time to do what I really want to do, I am always troubled with my long working hours. I'm always working until late at night. I get to my office in one hour and a half. Therefore, I can't have enough time to do what I'm thinking. There is no exception for learning a language.I can listen to some articles on the way to my office, and on the way home too. However, it is hard to boot up my PC for studying on weekdays. For the last couple of weeks, I had late summer holidays. For this reason, I had much time to read, save words and phrases and review them. It was really lucky to help me to start to improve my English. I'll try to find spare time to continue studying as much as possible.