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27 11月

I could have one to one session with my tutor two weeks ago. Tonight, I'll finally try to join conversation program. I'll start with beginner class. I considered of what level should I take for my first time joining the program. I suppose I should see how it goes at this time. It is scheduled to take 60 minutes. It starts from 23:00 Japan time. It seems a bit late. But it will be suitable schedule for me if I take a conversation program on weekdays.
It also seems long time. However, time fries so fast when you concentrate on chatting, anyway. I'm very looking forward it.

By the way, when I was a student of the short exchange program at University, I often saw that some students always gather as a Japanese group. I sometimes thought it will not be recommended situation for language learners. Because you will always use your native language with your friends in such a situation. I thought I have no idea what is their purpose at that moment. Therefore, I always tried to be involved in English community alone. Of course, it would have time limit while my short exchange program. Therefore, I tried it as much as possible. Sometimes, this kind of action makes them misunderstanding. But I am still thinking it was not wrong. I could touch & feel something new  in different community and it would make me more active and socially mature. The most important thing is what is your purpose and think of what are things all you have to do at the moment. If you could keep doing it, somebody comrade will appears in front of you. Don't forget your mind!

It also seems that all participants of the conversation program at this time are Japanese. However, we have certain purpose and need to use English for conversation. Therefore, it is a quite expected and different circumstance from such a national community. It will also good to meet other Japanese English learners as a comrade.
I want to say thank you for giving me such a great opportunity to share many things for all tutors and friends.

Woops, I gotta go now!

Have a good day.


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