This is realy hard

28 11月

I justt finished my conversation program. Despite it being for beginners, it was really hard for me. I was a bit shocked. I thought I could talk more then, but how come I could not do it? When I was a student, I think I could speak more. The reason is clear. I didn't keep using my English. And it was also my first time talking with some people on-line. Talking on the phone is really hard. I can tell what my current listening and talking skills are. Anyways, I think I should get accustomed to this atmosphere and expose myself to speaking more English. On-line conversation in another language is still really hard for me. I could tell this time. But I know, I should never give up and continue to join it. And I need to have time to read/listen more, and save words and phrases a lot. Oh, I always think of it. If I could have enough time, I would be able to concentrate and expose myself more.
But anyway, it was really fun to meet and talk to the other learners. I'll try my best with limited daily time.


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