I’ll go for it! (Correction 07′ Jan, 19)

19 1月

It was too busy to have time to do anything except for workingbut work from the end of last year thoroughto the beginning of this year. But after that,After that, though, I could havehad a brief trip to Kyushu Island. Our purpose was to take some kinds ofuse the hot spring in the Beppu area and also visit some historical special places. Of course, eating special meals at these special points where you visit is also necessary. If you really want to enjoy a real onsen (hot spring) in Japan, I strongly recommend to you to visit Bepppu inon Kyushu Island. Because, because Beppu is such a nice hot spring that you can enjoy many different types of hot springs at once. By the way, I've not logged in for a long time and didn't read any scripts which I chose. I would never say I couldn't make time to do it anymore. It was my fault. GoIt goes without saying that I still have big motivation  very motivated to use and improve my English skill. Therefore, I'm back now and trytrying to follow my plan again. I will manage a weekly schedule for The Linguist. Speaking of "Time management", I actually hadtook the TOEIC test in the last weekend. I took some types of trial (sham) examinations to get accustomed to time management. It was the first time to take athe new version of TOEIC test for me. I didn't finish it within its time limit again. But I could knowHowever, I found my weak point obviously this time. I need to read more and to read it faster. It will not only help me to improve my reading skill but also increase vocaburalyvocabulary. My company also has a special version of the TOEIC IP test inat the end of this month. I'll go for it from now on!


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