One-Day Trip to Kusatsu Onsen

11 2月

"Yu-batake" cool down its hot walter
Yu-batake (湯畑)
Kusatsu free hot spring "Shirahata-no-yu"
Onsen-tamago (Soft boiled eggs with special source)
Onsen Tamagoes are here
Grilled beef tongue and chicken with green onion
Favorite Yogult (Drink type)

Hi folks,

I've been to Kusatsu onsen place in the beginning of this year. It was just a one-day trip from the Tokyo area. It sounds a bit hard but it was ok. I drove my car to Kusatsu. Unfortunately, we were involved in a bad jam on the way. There were four accidents on several parts of the highway. It was a really bad jam. It took us more than 6 hours to reach Kusatsu. (usually, it takes 3 to 4 hours). We dropped by and took a rest in each parking area while we were involved in the big traffic jam. After all, it was already afternoon when we arrived in the Kusatsu onsen area. I found a parking space near the entrance of Kusatsu onsen, called "Yu-batake". Yu-batake means "field of hot water"; this is actually the origin of a hotspring. You can see plenty of hot water coming out from underground. It has a lot of sulphur. This is a special feature of the Kusatsu hot spring. As I mentioned before on the Beppu Hotspring issue, it is like the Myoban onsen. This is a very common and famous place to enjoy a sulphur-based hot spring. You can enjoy it at some places for free! Today,


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