Wonderful Kusatsu!

15 3月

I really like to have onsen. I went to Kusatsu hot spring with my wife on last weekend. It was one-day triplast weekend. It was a one-day trip from our place. It sounds a bit hard to drive so long time. such a long time.However, it was alright. Unfortunately, we involved in terrible traffic jamwe were involved in a terrible traffic jam on the way. Moreover, it was it happened several times. There were 4 accidents on the high way. the highway. It took us to reach Kusatsu more than 6 hours.more than 6 hours to reach Kusatsu (usually, it takes 3 to 4 hours). We dropped by and took some restWe stopped and rested at every parking area on the way to get there on the way there while we involved in big traffic jam. the big traffic jam.

After all, we could get to our goal, Kusatsu onsen area, in the afternoon. I could find parking space  a parking space near the origin of Kusatsu hot spring, so-called "Yu-batake". Yu-batake means, field  means field of hot water. Actually, this is the origin of hot spring. of the hot spring. You can see plenty of hot water coming out from underground. It's includingIt includes strong sulfur. This is the special feature of Kusatsu hot spring. As I mentioned before on the Beppu hot spring issue, it is likely to Myoban onsen. Butit is like the Myoban onsen, but  this is very common a very common and famous place to enjoy sulfur baseda sulfur-based hot spring. You can enjoy it at some place for free! If you want to find and try to real and high quality hot spring in Japan, I strongly recommend to try Kusatsu hot spring someday.


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