amazonKindle is now really available in Japan!

31 10月

It's been long long time to visit and type out on the vox. It has been very busy days after baby comes around for 2 yeas. 🙂 The baby growth as a toddler now. She speaks lots of words and even sentences nowadays…!

By the way, I excited to announce you that I've got a amazonKindle generation 2 international version from I've orderd there online and what a surprise it arrived for only few days at our place (Japan) !

amazonKindle is a populer e-book device in the U.S which has a 3G mobile connection tool for download all materials you purchased. Now, it is spreaded to 200 of countries in the world. Japan is one of them. Therefore, I tried to get this one. It will be good to keep me to continue to study English, anyway.

You can buy e-book via 3G mobile network from You can subscribe not only books but daily newspapers, magazines cheeper than paper book. If you subscribe a newspaper, such as NewYorkTimes, monthly, it will be automatically delivered to your Kindle device everyday. Oh, 3G connection is free for download. That's awsome !

In addition to it, you can read such kind of world-wide-famous newspapers, magazines out side of the U.S. I've tried to buy some of newspapers as "current issue". It's wonderfule to read on real time.(Maybe faster than paper one, actually)

amazonKindle also has a awsome text-to-speach function. You can listen the sound of text with mail or femail voices. It is really enhanced computer voice. But my wife told me "That's computer voice, anyway. You should not practice your pronounciation." :)  However, I really impressed by these voices none the worse for accenting wrong sometimes. 

It will be good function for English learners just like me.

amazonKindle uses special ink for display characters and pictures. This is also watchable technology.

Thank you for reading my poor typing.
Keep in touch with all of you on the vox.

best regards


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